ASML Shows Off $380M, 165-Ton Machine Behind AI Shift

Intel has already placed orders for ASML's latest extreme ultraviolet chipmaking system.

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February 13, 2024

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ASML's TWINSCAN EXE:5000 High-NA extreme ultraviolet chipmaking machine
ASML's TWINSCAN EXE:5000 represents a "significant step forward" for cutting-edge chip manufacturingImage: ASML

(Bloomberg) -- ASML Holding is showing off its latest chipmaking machine, a €350 million ($380 million) piece of equipment that weighs as much as two Airbus A320s.

Media outlets were given a tour on Friday (February 9) of the system known as High-NA extreme ultraviolet. Intel Corporation has already placed orders for the machine and got the first one shipped to a factory in Oregon in late December. The company plans to start making chips with it in late 2025. 

The machine can print lines on semiconductors 8 nanometers thick, 1.7 times smaller than the previous generation. The thinner the lines, the more transistors you can fit on a chip. And the more transistors you can fit on a chip, the higher the processing speeds and memory. That’s why, ASML executives said, the system will prove essential for AI, a technology that is notorious for the intensity of the processing it requires.  

AI will need “massive amounts of computing power and data storage. I think without ASML, without our technology, that’s not going to happen,” the Dutch company’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink said in an interview with Bloomberg last month. “It’s going to be a big driver for our business.”

ASML is the only company that produces equipment needed to make the most sophisticated semiconductors, and demand for its products is a bellwether for the industry’s health. The company last quarter received record orders for its top-of-the-line extreme ultraviolet lithography, or EUV, machines show optimism among the biggest customers for the technology, including Intel, Samsung Electronics Company, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

Installation of the first 150,000-kilogram (331,000-pound) system required 250 crates, 250 engineers, and six months to complete, ASML spokesperson Monique Mols said during the press tour of the company headquarters in Veldhoven.  

The rise of generative AI over the past year, catalyzed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT launch late 2022, has boosted expectations for semiconductor companies across the board. The so-called low-NA EUV machines, which ASML have been selling since 2018, has a price tag of €170 million.

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