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A Closer Look at Yahoo's New Data Center

Three of the Yahoo Computing Coops (YCCs) at the new Yahoo data center in Lockport, New York.

Yahoo's new data center in the Buffalo suburb of Lockport, N.Y. features an unusual new design to support fresh air cooling and energy efficiency. The photo above shows the exterior of three of the data center units, known as the Yahoo Computing Coop (YCC). Click on the photo for a larger image providing a view of the entire side of the facility, which is lined with louvers to allow air to enter the building. The cupola atop the facility also features louvers to vent waste heat to the outside of the building.

An aerial view of the Yahoo data center in Lockport, N.Y.

This aerial view of the Yahoo campus, showing the administration building at left and the three YCC units. Click on the image for a wider view showing the substation and retention basins.