Friday Funny: Data Center Cartoon Caption Contest

It’s Friday! Are you ready? Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, has a new cartoon for Data Center Knowledge’s cartoon caption contest. We challenge our readers to submit a funny thought for the bubble. Please add your thoughts in the comments below. Then readers will vote for the best submission.

Our winner for last week’s caption contest was “Bailey the Mouse” who submitted: “You know, when they said our network was in the crapper, I thought they meant we had bandwidth issues.” Congrats to Bailey! We will contact you and make sure you get a signed print of the cartoon from the artist!

Thanks to all our readers who submitted very funny captions, and thanks to those who voted on the final captions. This week, we are asking for submissions on a new cartoon below.

Contest - No. 3 - Kip and Gary

Here’s this week’s Kip and Gary cartoon, awaiting your caption. Click the image for a larger version.

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  1. I don't think that's what the boss man meant when he said he wanted us to be in the cloud, Kip.

  2. Jennifer Sorrow

    "Looks like we've found a short-tem solution to our cooling issues"

  3. BradmanGA

    "I love the smell of Clean Agent in the mornings..."

  4. Kevin Kennedy

    Hope you like Halon on your Popcorn.

  5. Well, the downside is that the equipment will be toast. The upside is that we aren't going to die today since we went with water instead of gas fire suppression.

  6. Jim Grogan

    I heard you were considering a cloud for our data center, but Kip ????

  7. Nate

    "Kip, this may not be the best time to tell you this, but I don't love you any more. These last few months have been magical but we have two different paths in life. I take my work seriously and you insist on crawling around under the raised floor whispering "they come out at night... mostly..." or you microwave your pet squirrel "Pete" you found on the side of the road for an hour. I'm sorry but it's over"

  8. World Traveler

    We should run... Now....

  9. AJ

    Hardware issue. Push it to system-restore.

  10. Congratulations Kip, You just put your lunch in the cloud !!!

  11. Greg Marquez

    OMG Kip, ya think we should pull the plug?

  12. Frank Bulk

    Phew, now the fire chief will get off my back about testing the sprinkler system!

  13. Dale Stout

    Don't you have bigger fish to fry, Kipper?

  14. Dale Stout

    You've really got your head up in the clouds.

  15. Dale Stout

    The forecast is fair to partly cloudy.

  16. Dale Stout

    Where there's're fired.

  17. Gere Boyle

    I guess we should stick with blades instead of going to the new Toaster servers!

  18. Dale Stout

    I thought this was Pop Secret.

  19. Doyle

    "But Wikipedia said I should put the hard drive in the microwave to recover the data...or was it a freezer?"

  20. Kevin

    Apparently the "Popcorn" button doesn't work on the microwave!

  21. Dale Stout

    Is he trying to butter me up?

  22. Dave Bernhardt

    Good thing were in the hot isle...

  23. Dale Stout

    Leave it to a programmer.

  24. Rain rain go away come back another...

  25. Kip that wasn't an Easy Button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dedwards

    *gary* "Smells like my ex wife's cookin kip" *kip* "don't you mean my wife's"