The Top 3 Cloud Deployment Pitfalls to Avoid

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During cloud deployments, enterprises encounter common pitfalls that can prevent them from fully leveraging the benefits of the cloud. This webinar will delve into some of the best practices employed in successful cloud deployments and will also present some actionable tips on how to ensure that your enterprise is best… Read More

Time for Tough Decisions: Enterprise Data Center Succession Planning

After years of managing in-house production and backup data centers, enterprise IT executives are facing a crossroads. Aging facilities, escalating energy costs, infrastructure sprawl, and widespread cloud adoption are forcing Enterprise organizations to develop a ‘Succession Plan’ to repair, replace, or hybridize their existing data centers. With so much at… Read More

New Insights About the Hadoop Infrastructure and Data

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Since Hadoop 1.0.0. was released in December 2011, it has grown as a strong resource for storing and processing extremely large amounts in data. Now, Hadoop is becoming a cornerstone of IT environments and rapidly moving to full production. With more and more high-value data being stored and processed within… Read More

Top Five Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM

5 Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM

While Application Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AA NPM) solutions have improved IT’s visibility into application usage and behavior, most organizations continue to struggle with many of the performance management challenges they hoped AA NPM would address. In contrast, a transaction-centric perspective of network performance brings diverse IT and business teams… Read More

Best Practices to Drive Your Data Center Growth into Asia

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles. Published on 10 August 2014.

For businesses looking to extend their presence to Asia – the fastest growing economy in the world – navigating this foreign territory can be a daunting task. Watch this on-demand presentation to learn more about this region and its data center landscape. From the latest developments and regulations, to potential… Read More

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