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Cervalis Expands With Build-to-Suit in Connecticut


Managed hosting provider Cervalis has signed a 168,000 square foot lease for a data center and disaster recovery facility in Norwalk, Ct.. The build-to-suit project will give Cervalis’ operations more than 470,000 square feet of data center and DR space in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Read More

As Equinix Expands in NJ, No Drag from NYSE

This Equinix data center in Tokyo is among the new locations for the AWS Direct Connect program, which provides secure connections between data centers and Amazon's public cloud. (Source: Equinix)

When NYSE Technologies prepared to open its new data center in northern New Jersey, there was some concern from analysts that the NYSE’s expanded offering might have a negative impact on colocation firms selling space to high-speed traders. But recent data from one provider suggests it may have had the opposite effect. Read More

Telecity Group Buys Footprint in Helsinki Market


In a deal that illustrates the growing strategic importance of the Nordic region in the global data center market, TelecityGroup today announced it has acquired Tenue Oy, one of Finland’s leading providers of carrier-neutral data centres, for £3.7 million ($5.8 million US) in cash. Read More

Will Internet Companies Open Data Centers in New Jersey?

The fortunes of the New Jersey data center market have historically been guided by demand from Wall Street firms and enterprise companies.But that may change, according to one data center executive, who, says that a recent decline in the price of electricity could make New Jersey more attractive to the largest Internet companies. Read More

Cray and SGI win HPC Deals

High Performance Computing: Cray awarded $12 million for Finnish supercomputer using Cascade technology, SGI selected by UK’s N8 Research Partnership. Read More

Star Trek Meets The Data Center


EvoSwitch is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a Star Trek theme, with employees suiting up in Federation-style uniforms (complete with an EvoSwitch emblem) to “protect Earth from harmful C02.” The photos are accompanied by a press release written in Klingon. Read More

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