Roundup: MapR, Dell, EMC

MapR licenses EMC Greenplum enterprise Hadoop, Dell expands virtualization portfolio with Virtual Lab 2.0 and thin client offerings, new EMC solutions for Citrix Desktop. Read More

Open Virtualization Alliance Formed

A consortium of tech companies announced the formation of the Open Virtualization Alliance Tuesday to foster the adoption of open virtualization technologies, including Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Read More

Case Studies on Data Center Virtualization

Ongoing power and cooling costs are forcing many data center operators to look for ways to reduce costs and tackle the complexity of their legacy IT infrastructures. One way many organizations attack this problem, as highlighted in this white paper from HP is to consolidate the existing number of systems, using virtualization. Read More

Storage Failures Hamper Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry, the new cloud platform hosted by VMware, has experienced “multiple failures” in its storage infrastructure today. Cloud Foundry says the issues are limiting users’ ability to log in and manage their applications. Read More

Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Are low cost servers, used for applications such as sales force automation and workgroup collaboration creating server sprawl in your data center? This is a typical situation for many data center operators and before long your find you outgrow your available power and cooling capacity. Read More

Protecting Data on Virtual Servers

Server virtualization is firmly embedded in the mainstream of enterprise IT. The efficiencies and flexibility of virtualizing server operations have been demonstrated time and again in large enterprises: server virtualization makes it possible to increase server utilization, reduce power consumption, simplify IT workload, and rapidly adapt to changing business needs. Small and mid-sized businesses are now seeking to achieve many of the same advantages of server virtualization as large enterprises. Read More

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