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Dublin Emerges as Cloud Computing Hub

Ireland has emerged as a key hub for the growth of cloud computing, hosting huge data centers powering the global cloud operations for two of the largest players in the sector, and Microsoft. Read More

Amazon Enhances Cloud Networking Tools

Amazon Web Services has introduced a set of free networking tools that will make it easier for users to manage secure connections between their data centers and Amazon’s EC2 and S3 cloud computing platforms. Read More

The Future of Cloud-Based Music Streaming

Cloud computing is gradually revolutionizing the music industry and the way digital music is being consumed. Instead of buying and downloading (digital download) songs over the Internet, consumers are adopting on-demand streaming services. This also brings new services that helps users to create playlists and receive recommendations for songs and bands according to their music interests. Read More

Are There Tax Breaks in The Cloud?

Can reserved instances on cloud computing platforms be treated as physical servers for tax purposes. An interesting discussion has emerged around the topic, prompted by Netflix’s use of the EC2 service. Read More

Opscode Scales Up Along With Its Customers

Opscode said today that it more than 3,000 customers using The Opscode Platform, which offers server configuration management delivered as a service. Those customers include the online music service Rhapsody, e-commerce portal Etsy and game publisher IGN Entertainment. Read More

Roundup: LayeredTech, Emerson, RightScale

Layered Tech selected by Model N for SaaS hosting, Emerson Network Power to design six data centers in India for Datacraft, RightScale expands Asia-Pacific operations, Riverbed selected by Khaleej Times in United Arab Emirates. Read More

Cloud Computing Leaders on a Hiring Binge

While much of the U.S. economy experiences a “jobless recovery,” the cloud computing sector is hiring like mad. Demand for technologists with cloud skills is surging, and both and Rackspace Hosting are seeking to hire hundreds of new technologists. Read More

How The Mobile Cloud Can Boost App Development

Creating apps for the mobile cloud is significantly different than developing apps for a native smartphone platform like the iPhone or Android. But over the long run, the mobile cloud computing model may prove more profitable for app developers, and open the field to a larger number of developers. Read More

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