Nimbix Offers HPC Energy Cloud in Digital Realty’s Texas Sites

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Nimbix is bringing its high-performance cloud computing infrastructure to two data centers operated by Digital Realty Trust, the companies said today. Nimbix and Digital Realty have formed an alliance to offer an enterprise high performance computing (HPC) cloud solution to customers in the oil and gas industry. The infrastructure will be housed in Digital data centers in Dallas and Houston.

“The combination of high-performance computing and cloud technologies is a powerful solution, with significant client benefits,” said Steve Hebert, Chief Executive Officer of Nimbix. “Clients who need immediate, high-performing computing solutions for shorter time frames will realize significant efficiencies.”

Technology plays a critical role in finding oil and gas reserves, as computer modeling allows oil companies to analyze seismic data and produce 3D images that identify the best location and trajectory for drilling wells. These modeling applications can save millions of dollars by focusing the drilling of offshore wells on the most promising locations, but require enormous computing power.

With its JARVICE cloud platform, Nimbix provides a way for companies to shift their data-crunching HPC infrastructure from their own data centers to remote cloud environments.

“Providing easy access to cloud services is a natural progression in our support of the oil and gas industry,” said Matt Miszewski, Digital Realty SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Our alliance with Nimbix facilitates the cost-effective generation, analysis, and sharing of geophysical data.”

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