DCIM News: Nlyte Releases SaaS Version of DCIM Platform

News from the DCIM marketplace includes: Nlyte releasing a SaaS version of its DCIM, iTRACS building a DCIM vendor ecosystem and ABB entering partnership with DataVision.

Nlyte Releases SaaS Version of DCIM Platform

Nlyte released a SaaS version of its platform that allows users to get up and running with DCIM quickly. The SaaS version isn’t a stripped down version for trial purposes only;  the SaaS version uses the exact same technology the company has always used. The only thing that is absent is integrations with BMC and HP.

“Our tool was designed to be a completely web-based,” said Mark Harris, Vice President, Marketing and Data Center Strategy at Nlyte. “There’s no client to download, no application to install. We designed it from day one to be server-based with any browser access.”

The company is strictly focused on managing the lifecycle of the data center.  “It is very clear that the time has come for enterprises to properly understand what assets they have in their data center and to properly manage the entire lifecycle of each of those assets in the context of a data center as a whole,” said Doug Sabella, Nlyte Software President and CEO.

“Nlyte streamlines the workflows to get gear in there, keep it running, and get it off the floor,” said Harris.

Harris believes that the emergence of the software-defined data center has put the company in great position going forward. “The software defined data center creates that abstraction layer between all the intricacies, It creates a delineation to the physical layer. The customers have always wanted to manage the physical components, but moving boxes that were connected and not broken was risky business. So what’s happened is that with the software defined data center – they literally can lift out the body, swap out the chassis without any change of business.”

Nlyte allows people to swap out pieces or perform tech refreshes without the risky business of unplugging boxes without knowledge of how it will effect the infrastructure. Customers benefit from this in that they can get better utilization and make infrastructure on the whole more efficient.

The SaaS version is offered in a subscription model, so the company has gotten rid of many significant barriers to entry, such as big upfront costs and complexity. A SaaS-based version also allows the company to roll out updates to its customers more effectively. Customers are able to try new versions of its platform in a test environment before its rolled out so they’re not surprised by these updates and potential migration issues.

iTRACS Building DCIM Vendor Ecosystem

iTRACS launched its new “ourDCIM Developer Community”, an industry-wide grassroots movement to build an open, best-of-breed DCIM vendor ecosystem for managing and optimizing physical infrastructure.

The “ourDCIM Developer Community” is an industry-wide grassroots movement to build an open, best-of-breed DCIM vendor ecosystem for managing and optimizing physical infrastructure. The community’s goal is to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information between DCIM, information technology, IT service management (ITSM), facilities, building management systems and energy management systems vendors;
  • Expand the coverage of DCIM, providing customers with a truly holistic approach to infrastructure management across both IT and Facilities; and
  • Advance the continued evolution of infrastructure management technology.

ABB Enters Partnership with DataCenterVision

Power and automation technologies giant ABB is getting deeper and deeper into the data center. The company announced a partnership with Switzerland-based DataCenterVision have announced a global partnership agreement.

ABB will resell DataCenterVision software application for data center asset, operations and IT infrastructure management. DataCenterVision will resell ABB’s software application DECATHLON for data center power and power-infrastructure management. Both products are complementary, and both companies quickly saw the benefits of having a combined offering.

“The data center market is now a key priority and business for ABB, as it is the digital factory fueling the world’s contemporary economy: e-commerce, online business, cloud computing, etc.” said Wolfgang Felber, Group Vice President and Systems Group Manager at ABB Switzerland.

DataCenterVision has designed and developed a full-web, client-server software application for data center asset, operations and IT infrastructure management.

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