Friday Funny: Seeing the Light

It’s Friday and we’re happy to share some chuckles with our readers. So let’s get to our Data Center Knowledge caption contest, with a new cartoon drawn by Diane Alber, our favorite data center cartoonist!

This week, we present “Red Lights” from Diane. She writes: “I’m sure data center managers are always finding little surprises when they go into a data center. . . We’ll looks like Kip and Gary find a red glowing surprise in one of their cabinets. . .I wonder what it could be???”

red-light-tnClick to enlarge.

Enter your caption suggestion below. Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor. For the previous cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel.

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Colleen Miller is a journalist and social media specialist. She has more than two decades of writing and editing experience, with her most recent work dedicated to the online space. Colleen covers the data center industry, including topics such as modular, cloud and storage/big data.

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  1. It is the new Cylon Cloud server rack.

  2. Wow Kip, the limited edition "Mars" server racks from Data Center Planet really do live up to their name.

  3. James Daly

    Kip, I thought we were using green energy. Those server lights should all be green.

  4. Darrell R

    Uh oh! Red is bad! I remember that from the CCNA test!

  5. dday

    So this is the new portal, I though it was online

  6. Ramius

    Kip, should we let the facilities guys know how hot this rack is?

  7. JoeB

    That is a lot of bad HDDs.

  8. TadD

    Well it's not Christmas so this can't be good...

  9. Roxanne!!?? Well that's one way to help offset some OpEx!!

  10. It's like that refrigerator scene in Ghostbusters, only without Sigourney Weaver.

  11. Jim Leach

    "No, we won't sell our souls for a lower PUE."

  12. dday

    I told you to take the blue pill, but you took the red pill didn't you?

  13. "So this must be the server that is tabulating our nations debt!"

  14. John White

    "Red Kryptonite?!?!?!"

  15. Juan García

    I thougth we got rid of the dark room 10 years ago...

  16. Caption: Was this vertical tanning bed really approved by Finance?