PSSC Labs Focuses on Right-Sizing Private Clouds

There is a change happening within many organizations where new technologies like cloud computing are being explored. Private cloud platforms are shaping how the new data center server landscape looks. In moving to a private cloud – the benefits can certainly be plentiful. The ability to use the Internet to help distribute data over vast distances has been around for some time. However, the idea around cloud computing has only become a reality over the past few years. This white paper examines the private cloud design and illustrates the right use-cases for this type of deployment. Remember, public clouds may initially appear attractive, however there certain elements IT administrators need to be aware of:

  • Unknown cost structures
  • Relinquishing control
  • Public data center lock down
  • Regional site resiliency issues
  • Poor performance & limit resource allocation

Organizations are able to develop an infrastructure capable of great performance and scale. By deploying a private cloud infrastructure, companies are supporting more users, more functions and adding more business value with significantly lower expenses. In this white paper, you will learn how PSSC Labs helps create a private cloud which is able to accomplish this by “right sizing” their computing platform.  In addition, a private cloud allows for greater dedicated computing performance.

In this white paper from PSSC Labs, you will learn about the examples of practical uses for private cloud technologies, including:

  • Virtual desktops and applications.
  • Files and data services.
  • Private cloud portals and collaboration spaces.
  • Compliance or regulatory-based data delivery.
  • High performance computing resources for design & engineering.

The cloud revolution will only continue to expand. As more organizations jump on the cloud computing bandwagon, they’ll be able to leverage even more benefits of a widely distributed, highly-connected environment. Download this white paper to learn how to create a robust and agile private cloud infrastructure using PSSC Labs.

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About the Author

Bill Kleyman is a veteran, enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management and deployment. His architecture work includes virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Currently, Bill works as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, a Stamford, CT based consulting firm.

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