Morphlabs Offers Service Providers a Turnkey Public Cloud

Morphlabs is targeting service provider public cloud needs, believing the road to prosperity for them  is through achieving higher densities on its all-in-one solution. Morphlabs, a provider of fully integrated Infrastructure as a Service, is targeting hosting providers with a modular OpenStack Public Cloud Platform called mCloud Osmium that it says is very competitive in terms of cost and performance compared to Amazon Web Services, allowing them to compete in the new cloud world.

The company also announced that it has enhanced its Private Cloud offering, mCloud Helix Private Cloud, for increased capacity and resiliency. The compute power is up 2.5x over the previous mCloud Helix in the same footprint, and increased options for modularity have been added.

Higher Densities = Higher Margins

mCloud Osmium is a multi-tenant, scalable public cloud solution with built-in billing software. Through a highly configurable structure, service providers can begin building public cloud infrastructures in 100 vCPU and 15 terabyte (TB) blocks, that scale as needed. mCloud Osmium eliminates complex software licensing, allowing service providers to simply subscribe to software $10/vCPU/month and $100/TB/month to immediately begin offering OpenStack-driven public cloud solutions.

mCloud Osmium is a fully integrated solution that Morphlabs says is competitive in regards to both cost and performance compared to AWS. The company believes that its solution drives much higher densities and therefore offers a very compelling story in total cost of ownership (TCO).

“We can drive better price and performance to compete effectively with other solutions,” said Yoram Heller, Vice President of Corporate Development for Morphlabs. “It allows offering virtual machines that are priced competitively – a third of the cost – and outperform AWS.”

The company claims a return on investment (ROI) with a 50 to 60 percent margin.  “Our goal is to enable the long tail – a low barrier to entry and transparent pricing,” said Heller.

Morphlabs says it’s been seeing a broadening customer set. Historically, the majority of its customers have been enterprises looking to reduce TCO, but it has been gaining traction among service providers for the private cloud integrated solution (mCloud Helix Private Cloud). Service provider demand for the capability to launch public cloud was the genesis of the new offering. mCloud Osmium allows service providers to get to market with a public cloud offering quickly, without the research and development or large capital expenditures.

“We had customers who were asking us several things,” said Heller. “How do you make your environment more resilient? How do you add just more compute or more storage? Can I scale beyond 500vCPU? The answer is the new product geared towards service providers and public cloud – you can scale it in small chunks, and we’ve made it cost competitive compared to AWS.”

Payment Gateway Included

The Stripe payment gateway is integrated into the platform to make it easier to manage the creation and billing of the cloud offering out of the gate. “Stripe allows a provider to set different plans and subscriptions – you can do it all here, don’t have to worry about integrating into anything,” said Heller. “Our belief is that people are going to use it if it’s extremely simple to turn on.”

The company also provides a calculator showing what return on investment based on what you decided to charge per VM.

mCloud Helix is now version 2.0, with the compute power up 2.5x over the previous mCloud Helix in the same footprint, and increased options for modularity have been added.

Available in both on-premises or hosted with a service provider, the mCloud Helix 2.0 features larger internal storage and compute – moving from 3TB to 4TB and 80vCPU to 200vCPU, respectively – while delivering both storage and computing expansion capabilities to modularly grow the infrastructure as needed. Scalability of the mCloud Helix 2.0 has greatly increased allowing for private cloud deployments of up to 2,000 vCPU.

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