Friday Funny: ‘Raised Floor’ Cartoon Caption Contest

Time for our Friday Funny! Let’s celebrate the end of the week with a little humor.

Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon (drawn by Diane Alber, our favorite data center cartoonist) and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane. Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor. Congrats to last time’s winner “DDay” who suggested “The ad said storage team needed,” for the Container cartoon.

Below is our “Raised Floor” cartoon for the Data Center Knowledge caption contest. Kip and Gary are getting in trouble again!

Diane writes: “It’s something you don’t think about very often, but there are some cases where the raised floor can’t take the weight load that you are putting in the cabinet. When you’re relocating cabinets and your floor buckles, sending all your IT equipment crashing to the floor … it’s not a good situation!” Add your caption in the comments.

floor-caving-smClick to enlarge.

To see our previous cartoons, visit the Humor section on Data Center Knowledge.

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  1. Krista

    "This is not my idea of consolidating server space."

  2. Brian L

    "Big data was more than we planned for"

  3. Darrell R

    I think the on-call sysadmin will need help to get these servers back up.

  4. dday

    That'll stop the complaining about high temperature errors

  5. Jeff

  6. There goes the bottom line...

  7. dg

    The access floor vendor calls it an “extreme gravity pocket”

  8. Talk about dropped packets...

  9. Nate Peterson

    Man, those servers are Phat!

  10. Damon

    So that's where those extra pedestals go.

  11. C Ped

    Hey! The 42u blade enclosure does not go in this row !

  12. Jason

    woot, long weekend

  13. AJ

    They wanted high density servers, that's what they got.

  14. Tyler Bachman

    It's a sunk cost.

  15. MJC

    The servers have gone down again...

  16. William

    You get what you pay for...

  17. "And who says Big Data isn't heavy!"

  18. LT

    There's a black hole in the white space!

  19. Tim Gurske

    After Obama sunk the economy he started on the internet.

  20. Scott

    I was going to look-up our raised floor load capacity, but someone made fresh coffee.

  21. Mark Nelsen

    The raised floor was rated to support the SAN until we started loading the data!

  22. Kara

    Maybe it's time to consider overhead cooling and ditch the raised floor...

  23. Frank

    Well, I guess we can trade in those 4 nine's for a deep-six.

  24. I was told that these servers will have heavy usage, not heavy weight!!

  25. Robert Musilowski

    I guess we should have checked compatibility before the migration..

  26. Holmes

    I think the termite colony's penetration test worked!

  27. Dday

    Good thing management saved $1,000 on the floor bracing

  28. I think the system is under heavy loads again.

  29. Jake

    They said this new storage system would hold all my files!

  30. Mel Morvillo

    Oops! I meant pounds, not kilos!

  31. R. Scott

    I tried to tell you there was a limit on how many files we could save.

  32. Jeff

    They warned me about the increase in compute density...

  33. Bill

    I thought additional servers improved load balancing.

  34. Tom

    Doh! I forgot to leave my coffee outside. Man, some days I'm so forgetful....hmm wonder what else I forgot?

  35. Unlike the Curiosity landing, "Seven minutes of terror" is realized on Earth.

  36. Ken

    "I guess some deletions are in order..."

  37. greg m

    Did you say enclave or en-cave?