The Enterprise Data Center as a Microgrid

With increases in energy costs and usage, the opportunities for the creation of industries in and around energy are booming.  One result of these increases is the Smart Grid, a term symbolizing the green movement in the US economy and global community.  The microgrid, a portion of smart grid, finds its idea environment within the “enterprise class” data center.

This white paper from Power Analytics demonstrates how microgrids can benefit data center energy consumption, as well as energy efficiency overall.  First, it describes the differences between utility microgrids and customer micro grids, and the necessity of a “master controller” for customers utilizing the system within their data center.  Next, it provides and overview of the data center as a microgrid, and how it can help to insure power quality and reliability.  Lastly, power network optimization is discussed, with the system allowing for “forecasts” that balance true energy cost and opportunity.

Learn the positive effects of the microgrid on the enterprise class data center.  Click here to download this white paper on the energy management benefits available through the employment of a microgrid system.

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