Colocation and the Cloud

Today’s enterprises are increasingly dependent upon the cloud.  In turn, the cloud itself requires an environment in which to exist.  Colocation centers offer enterprises and cloud providers to offload the risks of growing capital costs, facility management and obsolescence and focus on their goals.

This white paper from CyrusOne details the relationship between the cloud and colocation, asserting that colocation is not a threat to the cloud, but instead, an enabler.   It provides an overview of the history of colocation, charting its parallels with the energy and power source companies, and lists the advantages of the central utility that centers provide. It explains the process of determining the economic sense of colocation, and concludes that colocation enables enterprises to focus not on infrastructure, but on their customers.

Learn about the true relationship between colocation and the cloud.  Click here to download this white paper from CyrusOne on the structural benefits of colocation-based cloud storage.

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  1. I totally agree that colocation is not a threat to cloud and vice versa. I would also like to point out the fact that the colocation footprints might condense with the fast growth of cloud. On the other side, power usage at the colocation data centers will also grow. We may have more and more of the smaller data centers in the future with the growing demand of local content and local mobile presence. It’s all going in the cloud.