Friday Funny: Cartoon Caption Contest

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the new year and we are all setting goals and sticking to our New Year’s resolutions. Some of us are more successful than others. . .

Well, in this week’s cartoon by Diane Alber, our resident data center cartoonist, Kip has decided he is going to try and achieve two goals at once – exercising and saving energy. We’re just not sure how successful he is going to be.

Here’s how the caption contest works: We provide the cartoon, drawn by Diane, and you, the readers, can submit the caption in the comments below. We will then choose three finalists and the readers will have a chance to vote on their favorite. The winner will receive a signed print including the winning caption.

For more of Diane’s work, visit
Kip and Gary - Biker Energy?

Submit your caption idea in our comments section.

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  1. Matt R

    "I thought that flywheel vendor seemed pretty shady."

  2. Chris

    Don't worry; the IV drip of Red Bull is on its way.

  3. so, whats your thoughts on these 15 high end Storage arrays arriving this afternoon?

  4. dday

    Kip great work, you saved 1 KW of power but the dehumidifier just died

  5. and I was so excited when I signed up for the free company fitness program

  6. Will DeGroft

    Oh boy. I know money is tight, but this value engineered bike-flywheel UPS scares me.

  7. Amy C.

    I was just going to change the lights in the data off!

  8. Tony P

    1.21 jigawatts to keep this room running? I'm not sure I can peddle 88 miles per hour...

  9. Kip's really working for that promotion

  10. Couldn't we just turn up the temperature to ASHRAE guidelines to save energy, Kip?

  11. waylon

    Kip, I know you like to do your lactate threshold tests in the data center but you simply do not put out enough watts to justify setting off the water detection alarm every five minutes.

  12. David

    So! How long have you worked for the MPAA?

  13. PERL

    Can you pedal a little faster? I'm getting ready to watch the final season of Lost on Hulu. . .

  14. Steve G

    I'm not sure this will fufill our backup power requirements to reach tier 4 status

  15. Benjamin Bonnici

    Wow, you just cannot catch a break with Diane at the helm, can you Kip?

  16. Frank Bulk

    I hope the power supplies have variable input ranges.

  17. Tim

    Kip, the hamsters said to pedal faster!

  18. David

    State-of-the-art no-break solution! Kip up the good work!

  19. Didn´t they tell you? Power was restored hours ago...

  20. Keep peddling the diesel delivery will be here any minute

  21. Dale Stout

    How many KippaWatts have you generated?

  22. Miles Auvil

    Pedi-bike for Petabytes

  23. EL

    I'm not sure what has you more motivated, Kip... The bet with your wife as to who can lose more weight, or your annual performance review meeting next week.

  24. Aaron L

    Adding features to Data Center...On-site gym, check! N+1, check! Thanks Kip!

  25. Kara

    Ya know Kip, we should post a picture of this in our blog to show customers just how far we'll go for uptime.

  26. MatG

    I'm not certain you can personally claim an energy tax credit for this Kip.