PDI Launches i-CON Modular Data Center

Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) this week officially unveiled its i-CON Modular Data Center. The company says the container-based product can help customers deploy data center capacity cheaper and faster than traditional structures. PDI says an i-CON deployment can take just eight to 12 weeks.

“i-CON was specifically designed to help customers ride the wave of this next-generation infrastructure – giving them the power and flexibility they need, while keeping an eye on cost and efficiency savings.” said Rob Sweaney, President of PDI.

i-CON features PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems (BCMS) and customized monitoring interface, which allows for monitoring of voltage, current, kW, kVA, power factor, container and rack measurements including rack capacity, temperature, fan speed, load, and other key performance metrics. Other features include:

  • Modular server racks that are vendor-neutral with a capacity of 48 U per rack. There are 672U of standard 19 inch rack-mounts in a 40 foot container. Multiple i-CON containers can be stacked and placed side-by-side for increased density per square foot.
  • The DynaCool On-Demand Cooling System, integrated Self-Contained Cooling Units (SCU) for maximum efficiency and serviceability.
  • Adjustable, upgradeable keyed extraction racks for ease-of-service.
  • PDI’s Powerwave Overhead Bus System: Monitored flexible overhead power distribution to the racks with both redundant and non-redundant power architecture options.
  • The i-CON Facility Management System, offering remote access for both container and rack-level control.

Each rack is purposefully positioned for optimum accessibility for service and can be easily slid into and locked in a maintenance position. PDI’s design allows for 15 inches of clearance between the racks and 30 inches of access behind the racks. PDI says all IT and facility maintenance can be performed directly from within the system, ensuring minimal impact to the container-wide cooling system or the overall climatized environment within the container.

“One of the challenges our customers face is keeping pace with the increasing complexity associated with the expansion of data centers,” Sweaney added. “By moving the entire data center into a secure, accessible container, i-CON is helping our customers to address these challenges head-on. The i-CON solution enables organizations to expand capacity in a fraction of the time it would take to build out a green field data center and at a substantially lower price point.”

i-CON technology can be customized to use multiple IT equipment vendors and configurations, including but not limited to: HP, EMC, Sun/Oracle, Dell, Cisco, IBM, SGI, DataDirect Networks, and LSI.

The i-CON Modular Data Center is scheduled to be on display next week at the 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference in Phoenix.

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