Private Clouds, Continued

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The debate about private clouds that we highlighted yesterday (Are Private Clouds an Oxymoron?) has continued on Twitter and a series of blog posts. Here’s a roundup:

  • The Argument FOR Private Clouds: Cisco’s James Urquhart capsulizes the issue: “Internet has intranet. Cloud computing has private clouds. Similar disruption, localized scale.”
  • The Case for Private Clouds: Reuven Cohen offers his take: “I believe cloud computing is a metaphor for the Internet as a infrastructure model, therefore a private cloud is applying that model to your data center, whether it’s closed to the outside world or not is secondary”
  • Mixed Metaphors: Private Clouds Aren’t Defined By Their Location: Christofer Hoff at Rational Survivability writes that location is a distraction and private clouds “make a ton of sense as an enabler to enterprises who want to take advantage of cloud computing for any of the oft-cited reasons, but are loathe to (or unable to) surrender their infrastructure and applications without sufficient control.”

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