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Nvidia's DGX-2 supercomputer on display at GTC 2018 Yevgeniy Sverdlik
Nvidia's DGX-2 supercomputer on display at GTC 2018

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: August 16, 2019

For your weekend reading, here are some of the biggest things we wrote about this week.

What’s the Best Computing Infrastructure for AI? - Charlie Boyle, the man in charge of Nvidia’s AI supercomputer line, on AI hardware and data centers today and in the future.

Dell Joins AT&T to Move Edge Data Centers Wherever They Should Be - An extended partnership for Airship, which combines Kubernetes and OpenStack, could bring edge computing closer to the enterprise after all.

Sheputis, of Fortune and Infomart Fame, to Lead Acquisitions at GI - The long-time data center exec and entrepreneur joins one of the industry’s key private equity players.

VMware and Pivotal are Talking Acquisition; Pivotal’s Stock Skyrockets - The talks appear to be in advanced stages, VMware currently offering $15 per share

GIC Strikes (a Hyperscale Data Center Deal) Again - The Singapore sovereign fund is on a data center investment roll. Its latest deal is with GDS for cloud sites in China.

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