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Top Data Center Videos of 2010 (Continued)

Racks, batteries and other kinds of equipment are all part of the data center game. The vendors this year announced new products to meet growing demand. Modular units were on display at trade shows, while other data center operators used virtual means, such as Microsoft Surface, to show customers their facilities.

GE's Durathon: A New Kind of Battery

GE Energy Storage launched Durathon, a new battery technology for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for data centers. Based on sodium-metal halide technology, which GE developed for applications including hybrid locomotives but can also provide steady long-term battery power for UPS systems, Durathon provides an alternative to costly new power structures, which enables energy to be utilized when it’s needed. GE was at the Uptime Symposium 2010 to introduce Durathon. In this video, Herman Wiegman of GE Energy Storage Technologies provides an overview of the sodium-metal halide battery and its advantages.

Akami's 61,000 Servers

Akamai Technologies is the largest commercial content delivery network (CDN). The company delivers its content through a global network powered by more than 61,000 servers. At Streaming Media East, we spoke with Akamai's Stuart Cleary about the company's infrastructure, where it lives, and some of the capabilities the network provides Akamai and its customers.

Data Center Tour: Microsoft Surface

Using Surface, the Microsoft table-top presentation platform, i/o Data Centers shows off the capabilities of its Phoenix ONE data center. At February's Waste Management Phoenix open, sponsor i/o Data Centers had a Surface demo running it its Corporate Village tent, which was loaded with photos and video of the company's data center. We give the Surface a test drive, with a little guidance from app designer Michael Mazzola.

Air-Cooled Modular Data Center

SGI was one of the early players in the container data center sector with its water-cooled ICE Cube portable unit. This year, the company unveiled a retooled ICE Cube modular data center that can be cooled entirely by air. At the Gartner Data Center Conference, SGI's Patrick Yantz gave DCK a tour of the new unit, providing a detailed overview of what's new.

Wright Line Rack Containment with Fire Ceiling

At the AFCOM Data Center World Fall conference, Wright Line unveiled a new rack containment system with a "fire-activation" ceiling. In the event of a fire in the data center, the ceiling opens to allow overhead fire suppression systems access to the equipment inside the containment system. In this Data Center Knowledge video, Wright Line Vice President of Product Development & Services Carl Cottuli demonstrates how the system works.

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