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Top Data Center Videos of 2010

This year's top data center videos reflect the interests of the industry, such as powering and cooling data center space as well as the ever-popular video tours of new and large facilities. Enjoy this compilation of the top Data Center Knowledge video hits of 2010. Happy New Year!

Liquid Immersion Cooling for Servers

Green Revolution is a start-up that has developed a system that cools web servers by immersing them in liquid. This approach allows for a radical redesign of data center space, which would no longer require hot and cold aisles. In this Data Center Knowledge video filmed at the spring Data Center World show, Green Revolution co-founder Christiaan Best provides an overview of his company's offering, along with a look at a demo of a "swimming server" at the company's booth.

Inside Hurricane Electric's Data Centers

Hurricane Electric has been providing colocation services since Mike Leber founded the company in 1994. After starting with a few servers housed at MAE West (Market Post Tower), the company has expanded into several substantial data centers of its own. In this Data Center Knowledge video, Leber provides a tour of Hurricane's first data center in Fremont, Calif. and then takes us though the newer DC2.

Power Loft: Two-Story Data Center Design

Power Loft is a 225,000 square-foot data center opened in March 2010 in Prince William County, Virginia. The facility was built with a two-floor design that physically separates the server rooms from the power and cooling infrastructure, allowing clients to run power densities of up to 300 watts-per-square foot in the equipment space. At a ribbon-cutting event last week, executives from Power Loft and T5 Partners provided an overview of the innovative two-story design.

Inside A Financial Data Center

In Spring 2010, we attended an event at the Telx Financial Business Exchange (FBX) data center in Clifton, N.J. that included a tour of the facility. Kevin Strasheim, Telx Director of Sales Engineering, provided an overview of the data center's features during a walk-through of space occupied by Direct Edge, the fast-growing electronic exchange. The video shows the space that will provide expansion for Telx and its customers.

Emerson Network Power Launches the "SmartAisle"

At the spring Data Center World show, Emerson Network Power introduced the SmartAisle, an enclosure system that combines cold-aisle containment, in-row cooling and management tools to provide data center managers with more control over the temperature and energy use in their environments. In this Data Center Knowledge video from the Data Center World expo, Emerson's Fred Stack provides an overview using a demonstration unit on the expo floor.

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