Technology Enabled Data Center Life Cycle Services



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Assessing where you are now and mapping out where you want to be is critical to your success. Services, technology, automation are the key to get you there. We will discuss how businesses can benefit from cloud connected monitoring of data centers. We will present different levels of monitoring and the potential effect on availability and efficiency.

The role of analytics and linking into service dispatch is a new reality of automation with the potential to enable your data center to operate at peak performance. We will cover how all phases of services can benefit including assess, plan, design, build, commission, monitor, maintain, operate, and optimize. Whether your project is large or small, new or retrofit, technology enabled can simplify your life, reduce costs and help tackle your technical or business challenges.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how businesses can benefit from cloud connected monitoring of data centers.
    Discuss different levels of monitoring and potential effects on availability and efficiency.

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Lance Bishop is the Director of Professional Services at Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and data center solutions. He is responsible for Schneider Electric’s life cycle services team focusing on electrical distribution services, digital services, and equipment modernization. Comprised of consultants and sales reps, this team routinely helps clients optimize mission critical space through changes in operation, equipment, and management / monitoring of key components. The Professional Services team is a key step in Schneider Electric’s Mission Critical Services offering, which helps clients at each point in the life cycle of their data center.