SVLG Efficiency Summit 2010 (Page 2)

We continue with our photo gallery from Thursday's Data Center Efficiency Summit 2010 hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) on the Brocade campus in San Jose, Calif.:

Jonathan Koomey, who has researched data center energy usage at Stanford and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, discussed the energy issues related to cloud computing.

Bill Tschudi of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and Greg Hidley from the University of California at San Diego participate in a panel about the potential for energy gains using DC power distribution.

Carl Guardino, the President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, discussed the SVLG and the motivation for the summit.

Nic Bustamente, manager of Datacenter Operations Engineering for Microsoft Global Foundation Services, provided an update on the modular data center designs being developed by Microsoft.

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