Structure 2010: The Data Center & The Cloud

Structure 2010: Put Cloud Computing to Work, held June 23-24 in San Francisco, brought together some of the biggest web companies with the largest infrastructure providers. Of course, data center capacity and support were discussed in light of cloud computing.

Lee Kestler, Jr., Senior Vice President of Sales & Leasing, Dupont Fabros Technology, (above) discusses how cost per kilowatt hour is a better return on investment metric in the data center industry than other measurements. Doug Steinberg, (below) Senior Operations Specialist at Dupont Fabros, said about 10 to 15 percent of the company's wholesale data center space is filled by tenants offering cloud services, and he expects that percentage to grow.

Jonathan Heiliger, (below) VP, Technical Operations, Facebook, architects the infrastructure for one of the most demanding applications on the web. During a chat with Om Malik, he discussed how amazing growth in the social network site - from millions of photos stored to its ever-expanding user base to features such as Facebook Connect - drive the evolution of the company's infrastructure. He said Facebook will soon be ready to use its first "from the ground up" data center which is currently under construction in Prineville, Oregon. (See DCK coverage of the project and visit Facebook's fan page for the data center.)

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