Structure 2010: Booming Bandwidth

GigaOm Network's Structure 2010: Put Cloud Computing to Work was held June 23-24 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center. The attendees gathered for dynamic discussion of the latest challenges facing the IT infrastructure industry today. Data Center Knowledge presents this photo wrap up to give our readers a taste of the action.

AT&T Cloudonomics Guru Joe Weinman returned as emcee. In addition to his usual witty repartee, Joe demonstrated that you can even find humor in repeated efforts to help the standing room crowd find seats.

Participants in the Thursday morning panel on broadband capacity and network latency were (from left) Lane Patterson, chief technologist at Equinix; Michelle Munson, the President and co-founder of Aspera; and Kenneth Duda, VP of Software Engineering for Arista Networks.

GigaOm founder Om Malik speaks with Akamai CEO Paul Sagan about the looming "tipping point" for high-defnition content and its impact on the content delivery business. Sagan said the World Cup and Olympics were "terabit events" for Akamai, the world's largest CDN with more than 61,000 servers.

Photos by Colleen Miller.

 Scenes From Structure 2010
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