Structure 2010: Big Data, Evolving Clouds

GigaOm Network's Structure 2010: Put Cloud Computing to Work was held June 23-24 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center. The attendees gathered for dynamic discussion of the latest challenges facing the IT infrastructure industry today. Data Center Knowledge presents this photo wrap up to give our readers a taste of the action.

How do you know when you have "big data?" Amr Awadallah CTO and co-founder of Cloudera, provides a visual benchmark. This panel discussed dealing with the "data tsunami" and best practices in large data management, both positive and negative. Pictured above left to right: Barry Zane, Founder and CTO, ParAccel; Todd Papaioannou, VP, Cloud Architecture, Yahoo!; Hakan Hacigumus, Head of Data Management Research, NEC Labs America; Damian Black CEO, SQLstream; and Awadallah of Cloudera. The group was moderated by Phil Hendrix Founder and Director, immr, (not pictured.)

Om Malik, Founder and Senior Writer, of the GigaOm Network, chats with Lew Moorman, President, Cloud and Chief Strategy Officer of Rackspace, about the future of hosting and cloud services. Lew emphasized that cloud is the next generation of hosting, but there will still be a need for traditional services. "The cloud is not magical, there are still a lot of workloads that are best met through managed hosting," he said.

Panelists discuss issues involved with scaling database applications today to work with cloud computing services. Moving legacy applications has unearthed some issues, such as the fact that all elements do not scale equally, particularly legacy databases. Panelists pictured above left to right: Amit Pandey, CEO, Terracotta; Paul Mikesell, Founder and CEO, Clustrix; Mike Hoskins, CT and GM, Integration Products, Pervasive Software; Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo Technology; Roger Bodamer, SVP, Product and Engineering, 10gen. Matthew Sarrel, Executive Director, Sarrel Group, (not pictured) moderated.

Photos by Colleen Miller

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Scenes From Structure 2010
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