Speed Matters: Scenes From Velocity 2010

The third annual O'Reilly Velocity conference brought together more than 1,000 attendees to share and learn about the business benefits of peak web site performance. The three-day event at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara featured lots of packed rooms and an expo with leading vendors in the web performance sector. Here's a look at the conference in pictures:

In a Wednesday plenary session, Tim O'Reilly of O"Reilly Media discussed how we're moving to a world "where every device generates useful data, becoming sensors for intelligent data collection." O'Reilly also noted the growing importance of the best practices for web speed, reinforcing conference chair Jesse Robbins' observation that performance matters because so many people are now depending upon web applications. O'Reilly also discussed his project to work with government and increase its transparency and responsiveness to citizens through technology.

In a Wednesday morning presentation, Amazon Web Services researcher James Hamilton described how small changes in efficiency and power and cooling in the data center can mean large results when propagated across large server footprints.

Google's Michael Kleber spoke on how to prevent third-party apps, widgets and content from slowing down web site performance, providing background on efforts to optimize Google AdSense ads to load quickly on partner sites.

Many sessions were packed at this year's event, which marked the third year of the conference.

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