Scenes from Uptime Symposium 2011

The Uptime Institute Symposium 2011 was held last week at the Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif. The conference featured four days of tutorials, presentations and discussion panels featuring industry executives and analysts from Uptime, Tier 1Research and the 451 Group. Here are scenes from the conference, starting with a look at some of the industry executives who spoke at the event.

Wednesday's keynote session featured Jim Trout, CEO of Vantage Data Centers.

Dean Nelson, the Senior Director of Global Foundational Services at eBay, discussed an asset tracking system developed with Henry Hsu of Raritan (at right).

The afternoon keynote on Tuesday as presented by George Slessman, CEO of i/o Data Centers, who discussed trends in data center construction and deployment.

Mike Manos, the Senior Vice President of Technology Operations at AOL, gave a lively presentation Wednesday in which urged data center managers to stop moping about changes wrought by cloud computing and get actively engaged in discussions about the future of their IT infrastructure. He also urged audience members to build a relationship with the Chaos Monkey.

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