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Scenes from the Data Center Efficiency Summit

About 500 data center professionals attended Thursday's Data Center Efficiency Summit 2010 hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) on the Brocade campus in San Jose, Calif. Here's a look at some of the presenters and panels from the event :

The delegates were welcomed by Bob Hines, Vice President, General Counsel & Energy Director for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The data center team from Facebook was on hand to present a case study about an energy efficiency retrofit project. Presenting were (from left) Director of Datacenter Engineering Jay Park and engineers Daniel Lee and Veerendra Mulay.

Dave Stevens, the Chief Technology Officer at event host Brocade Communications, provided an overview of the new data center facility on the campus.

KC Mares of Megawatt Consulting was the co-chair of the 2010 Data Center Efficiency Summit, and introduced the day's themes and agenda.

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