Scenes from Strata Summit 2011 NYC

Data scientists, business peopleĀ  and technologists are gathering in New York this week at O'Reilly's Strata Summit 2011 to consider "the business of data." Speakers represented expertise from a broad swath of sectors dealing with large data volumes, such as established, mature companies like LexisNexis, government IT and new, start-up companies focusing on gathering, analyzing, visualizing and interpreting big data sets.

Stephen Wolfram demonstrates how data can be made computable with WolframAlpha, a computational knowledge engine. His demonstration included live data such as query for flights overhead.

Audience - Strata Summit - 9/20/11

The diverse audience listens to a speakers from multiple sectors - government, consulting, media and others - at O'Reilly's Strata Summit in New York City.


Michael Chui, a senior fellow of the McKinsey Global Institute, presented about how digital forms of data create transparency and support human decision making. Chui also emphasized the growing need for professionals in the data science field.


Alistair Croll, of BitCurrent, was one of the event chairs. BitCurrent has been covering the innovations in big data and data science since 2006.

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