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Iron Mountain: Lighting and Power

A look at the low-energy lighting at Room 48.

Room 48 is staffed only about 20 percent of the time. When there's no staff inside the data center, it’s pitch black. Motion-sensor lights illuminate the room only when it's occupied, reducing costs and heat. Iron Mountain uses special, low-power and low-heat flourescent bulbs that are enclosed in tubing that release the heat from the bulbs outside the data center.

Iron Mountain saves on space and energy by placing power and cooling units in an equipment galley outside Room 48. This approach, which is being implemented by a growing number of new data centers, reduces the impact of heat from the mechanical equipment. It also increases the available cabinet space by about 30 percent, allowing data center operators to get more bang for their buck from the same footprint.

These panels distribute power to the data center, and the red tanks hold fire suppression foam.

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