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Inside RagingWire's Ashburn Data Center

What will the new RagingWire Data Centers new campus in Loudoun County, Virginia look like? This week colocation provider RagingWire announced plans to build a 750,000 square foot data center campus in Ashburn in the heart of northern Virginia's "Data Center Alley." The expansion announcement comes just two months after RagingWire opened a new facility in Ashburn. To get an idea about what's in the pipeline, here's a closer look at the 140,000 square feet RagingWire Ashburn site, which is its first data center on the East Coast for the Sacramento, Calif.-based company. The facility uses a data center architecture that RagingWire describes as "2N+2" that features two redundant paths (2N) from the utility power to the server rack and a collection of interconnected bus network topologies that provide dynamic access to a pool of generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) and batteries. The company was recently awarded a patent for this power distribution design. Here's a look inside the data center:

One of the distinctive features of the RagingWire data center is the attention to detail on cabling management, which is on display in this view of one of the tenant equipment areas. (Photo: RagingWire)

Here's a look at one of the data halls at RagingWire, which can support cabinets with power densities of up to 18 kilowatts per cabinet. (Photo: Rich Miller)

There are many splashes of color in the RagingWire facility, and that extends to the air handlers, which are topped off with blue lights that indicate whether or not the unit is running. (Photo: Rich Miller)

A look at the racks inside the new RagingWire data center in Ashburn. The windows at lower left open to a viewing gallery, where visitors can get a cross section view of the racks and the cabling beneath the raised floor. (Photo: RagingWire)

A look at the power room, as seen from a gallery above the floor. (Photo: Rich Miller)

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