Through the Lens: Data Center Photography

The adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words" can apply to data center visuals, too. Truly seeing the equipment inside a facility can tell one a great deal. Also, we found as we went browsing and searching for data center shots on the popular photo sharing site, Flickr, data center photos can be quite artistic and clever, as you will see in the ones from Ghetto IT photo group.

We would like to hear from our readers on this. So please send us links
to your Flickr pics or send the photos themselves and we will post a photo feature periodically. Enjoy!

Inside the Data Center (From Datacenter Photo Group on Flickr)

Waterfalls of Cable
Rob Wiltbank's Waterfall of Ethernet
This Waterfall of Ethernet by Rob Wiltbank is a particularly beautiful B&W shot of a large number of cables.

Supercomputer Close-up
JLothian's Close-up
Cool close up of OSS rack for Spider by Josh Lothian. Shot at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee.

Glowing Racks
Akos Batorfi Racks
Akos Batorfi from the Netherlands used only the lights from the equipment to create this image of racks emitting blue light.

Ghetto IT (From Ghetto IT Photo Group on Flickr)

Impromptu Rack
SWEllis' load balancer
Configuring the Load Balancers, by Sean Ellis. Why bother with racks when a few tech books will do? LOL.

Extreme Cable Makeover
Cloned Milkmen's Closet

Wiring Closet: BEFORE, by Cloned Milkmen (That's his Flickr handle). Who hasn't seen this kind of jumbled network of cables? Stuff like this happens all the time, especially over a couple of years. The good thing about Milkmen is he provided the AFTER shot, too.

Again, we welcome your submissions. Please send us links to your Flickr pics or photos and we will post a photo feature periodically.  Please include some background on the image and setting.