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AI Will Soon Transform Network Management and Monitoring

AI will be integrated into network operations sooner rather than later. Here’s how that transformation process will likely happen.

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. In the world of enterprise networking, the use of AI is beginning to trickle into management and monitoring aspects, providing a glimpse into what we can expect in the future. Let’s look at what AI is and the potential it has for automating network operations in the near future.

What is AI in the Context of Network Monitoring and Management?

AI uses machine learning models to analyze data sets (training data) and works to formulate insights based on the modeling structure in use. From a network standpoint, AI can be used to input network traffic and telemetry data from switching and routing hardware. Baselines are then formed based on network traffic and health patterns that can then be used to identify, alert, and potentially alter network component configurations to optimize traffic flows or to identify and remediate potential security intrusions.

What are Some Examples Where AI Can Be Used To Manage and Monitor Networks?

While there are numerous uses where AI can transform how networks will soon be managed and monitored, a few examples of existing NetOps and NetSecOps pain points are a great way to show the technology’s capabilities. One example is to use AI to baseline existing application traffic flows – and then alert on any anomalies that may indicate security incidents such as unauthorized intrusions or botnet communication. AI can not only be used to...


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