Day 1: More Gartner Data Center Conference Highlights

At the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas this week, the large exhibit space was crowded with conference participants connecting with peers and vendors on the opening evening. Many discussions of the latest technology offerings were going on in the exhibit hall.

The attendees were interested in the vendors exhibits as well as demos of products. A theatre-style set-up on the show floor also provided a place for presentations. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)


Participants tour the modular data center unit on display by IO. The Phoenix-based company manufactures and deploys IT modules for a variety of needs and industries. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)

An in-depth conversation at the Intel exhibit. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)


IBM staff were on hand to walk people through IBM's modular offering. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)

CABLExpress, a manufacturer of high-performance optical connectivity products, was on hand with gear on display. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)

Cyrus One

Global colocation provider CyrusOne had an exhibit which included a demo video with a transparent screen. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)