Data Center World: On the Expo Floor

AFCOM’s fall Data Center World conference at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas offered educational presentations as well as an expo hall where data center managers could meet vendors face-to-face and get hands-on demos of products. Below photo gallery features highlights from the show floor at the conference.


The exhibit for Active Power showcased the flywheel UPS systems manufactured by the Austin, TX-based company.


Clear plastic curtains for isolating hot and cold air within a data center were featured by Simplex.


The booth for vendor Mee Industries was shrouded in clouds from a demonstration of its MeeFog, a high-pressure fog used to provide humidifcation for data centers and other industrial environments.


Data Center World attracts an international audience, as demonstrated by the presence of TelecityGroup, provider of colocation and managed hosting solutions in Europe, in the exposition hall.


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