Data Center Cooling Best Practices

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Learn key data center cooling best practices from industry veterans. This sessions will provide a broad overview of ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cooling your data center. Strategies and tactics discussed will span changes to operating policies that cost little or nothing to implement to technology deployments and upgrades that can yield positive returns on investment, when applied to the right data center and environment.
• Hot / Cold air containment
• ASHRAE set points
• Temperature monitoring
• Balancing air temp, flow volume, and fan speed for optimal cooling
• Building a efficiency driven data center culture

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CenturyLink: Kelly Sullivan, Vice President, Global Data Center Operations
Kelly has over 20 years of experience leading global teams serving mission critical environments. In his role at CenturyLink, Kelly heads a team of 600 facilities and IT staff. Kelly’s team is responsible for the successful construction design and implementation, operation, budgeting, maintenance optimization and asset life cycle planning for CenturyLink’s 57 global colocation data centers. Before CenturyLink, Kelly worked at Northrop Grumman as a senior design and engineering project manager. Kelly is a member and speaker at industry association events such as AFCOM local and national events, Critical Facilities Summit and Uptime Symposium. In his spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with his family and supporting local charities.

CenturyLink: Doug Florek, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Doug has over 15 years of experience in design, construction, and operation of mission critical environments. In his role at CenturyLink, Doug has made a multi-million dollar impact on the operating expense of the data center portfolio in the past few years alone. As part of the Senior Engineering team he continues to find ways to improve site reliability, increase capacity, and operate facilities more efficiently. Before CenturyLink, Douglas worked at Rubicon as a project manager for data center construction projects in the colocation industry. Prior to that most of Douglas’s experience was split between Bruns-Pak and Cosentini doing design of enterprise data center facilities. Douglas is a register Professional Engineer in the state of NJ and is a Certified Energy Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers. Outside of work, Douglas is a devoted father of 3 young children. He enjoys spending time with them and exploring the outdoors.