Colocation User Best Practices

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In this session, join experts from Data Center Knowledge and CenturyLink to learn about data center best practices that can help you be successful in a colocation setting. Regardless of the data center environment, there are some key elements that go into establishing and maintaining a colocation setup that can help you achieve your goals. This webinar will do a deep dive into the nuts and bolts that are critical to effective colocation.

You will learn how to setup and operate an IT infrastructure in a colocation facility in a way that guarantees maximum uptime and ease of day-to-day operations. DCK’s Bill Kleyman and CenturyLink’s Frank Gimondo, Director Global Data Center Operations Canada will cover what it takes to get colocation right, including:

  • Designing and installing your structured cabling: how and why you should do it
  • How (and why) to be a good data center neighbor
  • Physical and cyber security
  • Proper use of primary-redundant power feeds
  • Equipment mounting and airflow

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Bill Kleyman is a regular contributor to Windows IT Pro and Data Center Knowledge and an enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management, and deployment. His architecture work includes large virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. As the Chief Technology Officer at MTM Technologies, he interacts with enterprise organizations and helps align IT strategies with direct business goals. He also publishes freelance whitepapers, articles, podcasts, and blogs around data center, cloud, security, and infrastructure management topics.

Frank Gimondo Director - Data Centre Operations – Canada, leads multiple teams across the country responsible for 24/7 support of Network Operations, Facilities, Security, shipping/receiving and customer implementations. Frank joined CenturyLink in 2007 via the Fusepoint acquisition by SAVVIS, where his roles have grown to include responsibility of day-to-day operations nationally. His duties include ensuring business continuity, change management, budget preparation, project planning, customer and Sales' support.