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Closer Look: NYSE Euronext's NJ Data Center

A look at the hot aisle in one of the data halls inside the NYSE Euronext data center in Mahwah, New Jersey. (Photo credit: NYSE Technologies)

The NYSE Euronext data center in Mahwah, New Jersey serves as a bridge between the New York Stock Exchange's history as the nation's oldest trading floor, and a future in which the majority of trading volume will be driven by computers. The halls of the facility are lined with street signs bearing the names of streets in downtown Manhattan, which provide a connection between Wall Street and the data center, and also create a navigational grid for staff within the 400,000 square foot building.

The facility features 60,000 square feet of colocation space for low-latency trading by hedge funds and investment firms, and industrial strength power and cooling infrastructure to ensure that the facility offers "always on" connectivity.

While some areas of the facility are off limits, these photos provide a look inside the data center and some of its operations. For additional information, see NYSE's Data Fortress Powering the Financial Cloud and NYSE Launches Cloud Platform for Traders.

The nerve center of the NYSE facility is the operations center, which displays the dashboards fro the building management system (BMS) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. From here, data center staff can check the real-time status of every piece of power and mechanical equipment in the building, along with thermal conditions for every cabinet in each of the data halls. (Photo credit: NYSE Technologies)

The long main hallway of the NYSE Euronext data center provides a sense of the immense scale of the 400,000 square foot facility in New Jersey. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The grounds of the building feature six buttonwood trees, providing a reminder of the buttonwood tree on Wall Street under which 24 brokers formed the New York Stock Exchange in 1792, as described on this plaque. (Photo credit: Rich Miller)