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Closer Look: Cisco Containerized Data Center

Cisco Systems today rolled out the marketing launch for its Cisco Containerized Data Center. The 40-foot container features a chilled water cooling system that uses cabinet-level airflow containment rather than a hot aisle/cold aisle design. The modules can house up to 16 cabinets with a height of 44 rack units each, with access doors at each end of each container, a design that allows the containers to either be stacked or deployed alongside one another. Here's a closer look at the unit, including photos and video overview from Cisco.

A view of the interior of the Cisco Containerized Data Center.

The rear of the enclosure, with the large fan visible in the door. It's one of three fans in each 44U cabinet.

An overview of how the racks can be moved to perform maintenance.

This view of the Cisco container shows the center corridor, with racks deployed on either side. The cabinet at left has been shifted away from the outside wall on a sliding rail system that supports maintenance on the servers.