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Network Administrator Skills: The Essential Job Toolkit

While network technologies are rapidly advancing, the fundamental talents administrators need to succeed remain relatively unchanged. Learn how mastering just a few basic skills can advance your job and career.

Today's network landscape bears little resemblance to its counterpart of just a few years ago. While most network administrators are doing a great job of keeping pace with evolving technologies, many are failing to acquire the fundamental skills that will allow them to handle any challenge with ease.

Here's a quick rundown of the basic skills every network administrator needs to succeed.

Troubleshooting skills

Troubleshooting is a talent every network administrator should work hard to perfect. "This skill is valuable because faultless networks are crucial for organizations of any size," says Karl Robinson, CEO of AWS managed services firm Logicata. Effective troubleshooting ensures that the network continues to operate without interruption or downtime.

Administrators can learn network troubleshooting through hands-on experience coupled with education, including self-learning and formal training courses. "Besides enhancing their technical knowledge, administrators should develop good communication skills to collaborate effectively with others and solve issues quickly and efficiently," Robinson advises.

Problem-solving skills

Unlike troubleshooting, which requires rapid action to resolve immediate network issues, problem-solving is a technique used to address persistent concerns, such as slow performance, sluggish Internet connections, and Wi-Fi dead spots.

Network administrators can keep their networks running smoothly by addressing performance, reliability, and security issues as they appear. "They must be able to identify and diagnose problems, develop and implement effective solutions, and communicate clearly with team members and stakeholders," says Peter Zendzianpresident of managed service provider ZZ Servers.

To acquire and refine problem-solving skills, network administrators should seek out opportunities to solve problems that network users chronically complain about. Also, consider participating in training and development programs and collaborating with administrator colleagues, Zendzian suggests.

Planning skills

Top network administrators are expert planners, ensuring that...

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