The Samsung 256 Gbit VNAND flash memory chipsnbspare available to developers as well Thatrsquos 32 Gbytes in a single chip Quite a few embedded applications can get by with a single chip This new chip is 30 percent more power efficient compared to the earlier 32layer VNAND The storage cell employs a 3D Charge Trap Flash CTF structure
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On stage: Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry
One of the themes at ARM TechCon 2015 was that the growing complexity of SoCs will requirenbspan increasingly versatile set of development tools PRO DESIGN recently introduced a new development tool that combines the Juno ARM Development Platform with proFPGA the modular prototyping tool for fieldprogrammable gate arrays FPGA to support the design and verification of ARMv8based devicesThe development tool which was designed by ARM and PRO DESIGN engineers includes a proFPGAARMJuno adapter
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