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The 2018 DCK Data Center Salary Survey

Overall, data center professionals are happy with their salaries and career paths, but a growing skills shortage may put a damper on future growth.

For most IT professionals, the data center remains a stable, healthy and prosperous place to work. It’s the type of work environment that skilled professionals seek to nurture and sustain, and their employers seem eager enough to keep them on-board.

That’s good for stability but it may also be a key contributor to a growing problem: An increasing skills gap between veteran IT managers and the technologies, systems and facilities they’re being paid to manage.

These are among the findings of the 2018 Informa Engage Technology Salary Survey, conducted by Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today and Channel Futures. Toward the end of last year, Informa Engage surveyed 162 data center and other IT professionals worldwide, with questions mainly dealing with their salaries, work experiences and job satisfaction.

Download our report on the survey results below:

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