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Microsoft Acquires Cloud Management Company Cloudyn

Microsoft Acquires Cloud Management Company Cloudyn

Cloudyn helps companies keep an eye on their cloud service usage and stay within budget targets.

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Today Microsoft announced that it has acquired the Israel based company Cloudyn which offers management and monitoring tools for companies to keep an eye on their cloud service usage and stay within budget targets.

There is no doubt that more companies are moving to the cloud for many of their formerly on-premises services but one aspect that is critical in their success is the ability to monitor and control those costs.

Although many may see the cloud as an unlimited resource, that is far from the case and the capabilities Cloudyn brings to Microsoft Azure will continue to improve that process for end users.

According to Cloudyn's website they currently support cloud services on Microsoft Azure but also for Amazon, Google, and Openstack. There is no word in either Microsoft's or Cloudyn's announcements about this acquisition whether or not the other competitor cloud services will continue ot be supported.

Microsoft's Jeremy Winter, Director of Program Management for Azure Security and Operations Management, stated that Cloudyn will slowly be fully integrated across Azure:

"Cloudyn gives enterprise customers tools to identify, measure and analyze consumption, enable accountability and forecast future cloud spending.  As a Microsoft partner, Cloudyn has supported cost management for Microsoft Azure and other public clouds, helping customers continuously improve their cloud efficiency. Cloudyn customers have been able to optimize their cloud services usage and costs through automated monitoring, analytics and cost allocation. Since working with Cloudyn, one U.S.-based Fortune 500 customer has seen a 286 percent return on investment (ROI) with regard to their cloud efficiencies, demonstrating Cloudyn’s ability to help customers accelerate their cloud adoption. Cloudyn capabilities will be incorporated into our product portfolio that offers customers the industry’s broadest set of cloud management, security and governance solutions."

There are no details relating to the amount Microsoft has paid for Cloudyn or a timeline for the deal to be finalized with work beginning on the integration between Cloudyn and Azure.

This article originally appeared on IT Pro.

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