Inside an Equinix data center in Silicon Valley Equinix
Inside an Equinix data center in Silicon Valley

Equinix and Unitas to Bundle Hybrid Cloud Services

Service integrates colocation and cloud services, powered by Unitas' multi-cloud platform

IT departments are embracing hybrid cloud models at a record pace. IDC reports that more than 82 percent of enterprises will commit to hybrid architectures, mixing owner-operated servers with cloud services by the end of this year.

That statistic certainly bodes well for cloud services provider Unitas Global and colocation giant Equinix, which announced a collaboration to deliver bundled hybrid cloud services to the enterprise.

The partners describe it as a turnkey, fully managed service, eliminating the need to redesign existing IT architecture or start from scratch. The bundle, based on the Unitas multi-cloud orchestration system, will be available across 150 Equinix data centers around the globe.


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According to a press release, the bundled solution includes data center space, power, network, compute, storage, cloud software, direct cloud connections via Equinix Cloud Exchange, cross-connects, bandwidth, and management—all dedicated to a single client, offered at one monthly price, and managed by a single vendor.

Unitas’ multi-cloud orchestration system connects to Platform Equinix, a platform connecting any number of  providers across its global ecosystem.

The announcement comes on the same day Equinix announced its first-quarter earnings. The company reported $950 million for the first quarter, up from $845 million in same period last year. Its net income for the quarter was $42 million, up from a $37 million loss reported in the first quarter of 2016 but down from $61.7 million in income reported for the fourth quarter of last year.

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