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Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: March 2017
The cloud pavilion of Amazon Web Services at the 2016 CeBIT tech fair in Hanover, Germany (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: March 2017

Here are the top stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in March.

Here are the top stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in March:

AWS Outage that Broke the Internet Caused by Mistyped Command - “Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended.”

Here are the Submarine Cables Funded by Cloud Giants - These investments by hyper-scale companies and by other cable builders looking to serve their bandwidth needs have spurred a submarine cable construction boom.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Google Data Centers - The company’s executives recently shared at a conference that it spent $10 billion per year over the last three years in capital, mostly on data centers. Wondering where and how Google is spending that money?

Switch Launches Its Pyramid-Shaped Data Center in Michigan - Besides the fact that it’s probably the only pyramid in the world whose sole purpose is to house internet infrastructure, bold red pipes outside contrast with the pyramid’s grey walls, giving it a futuristic, sci-fi look, while dramatic lighting inside makes it feel like a cross between a modern corporate lobby and a night club.

Why Microsoft Says ARM Chips Can Replace Half of Its Data Center Muscle - Coming from the world’s second-largest cloud provider, that kind of announcement should give Intel a lot to think about. As more and more corporate applications are headed for the cloud, the number of servers traditional hardware vendors sell to enterprises is on a gradual decline, while cloud providers are buying more and more processors to support those migrating workloads.

Meet Microsoft, the New Face of Open Source Data Center Hardware - Microsoft — a company whose relationship with open source software has been complicated at best — has emerged as a pioneer in applying the open source software ethos to hardware design.

How Linux Conquered the Data Center - Some of the people who worked to create the original Linux operating system kernel remember this time with almost crystal clarity, as though a bright flashbulb indelibly etched its image on the canvasses of their minds...

N. Virginia Landgrab Continues: Next Amazon Data Center Campus? - A typical single-story data center footprint might cover just 35 percent of the land. The high price of land in Loudoun County may begin to accelerate a trend toward two-story or three-story data center designs, which would help new development compete, since higher floor area ratios help reduce cost per square foot.

Digital Bridge Buys Vantage, Silicon Valley’s Largest Wholesale Data Center Firm - Santa Clara-based Vantage becomes the wholesale data center platform for Digital Bridge, a communications infrastructure investor that got into the data center space last year, intending to become one of the forces driving the current wave of consolidation in the market.

Cisco Pushes Unique Hyperconverged Infrastructure File System - One thing hyperconverged infrastructure architectures clearly are not doing is converging.

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