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Inside an Equinix data center in Silicon Valley Equinix
Inside an Equinix data center in Silicon Valley

Equinix Rolls out Its Home-Baked DCIM Software for Colo Customers

Service gives customers real-time and trend environmental data, operational status

Equinix has launched IBX SmartView, the DCIM software developed in-house, which the company said was in the works last year. The software is now available to customers in some of the company’s data centers, with world-wide roll-out expected later, the company announced Tuesday.

With DCIM software being a struggle to implement in enterprise data centers, customers are likely to welcome a solution whose deployment has been handled by the service provider. Colocation companies are prime targets for DCIM vendors, who have found it difficult to grow revenue in the enterprise market.

Some colo providers, such as Digital Realty Trust, have chosen to partner with vendors for their DCIM solutions, while others, such as Equinix, IO, and the French provider Etix, among others, have invested in developing their own tools.

IBX SmartView functionality includes alerts, real-time and trend data for things like temperature and humidity, as well as infrastructure operating status. Customers get a customized view of their footprint, including a unified view of building management system data from multiple Equinix locations.

The DCIM software is currently available through the Equinix Customer Portal, but the company is planning to provide APIs for integration with customers’ own tools and a mobile interface in future releases.

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