DivvyCloud Launches Hosted Version of Cloud Maintenance Bots

DivvyCloud Launches Hosted Version of Cloud Maintenance Bots

Brought to You by The WHIR

Brought to You by The WHIR

Cloud automation company DivvyCloud announced Wednesday that it has launched a hosted version of its cloud maintenance “Bots” to help AWS users optimize their cloud infrastructure. Botfactory.io will provide continuous scans and real-time actions to help organizations using AWS close security gaps, save money, and ensure compliance and best practices.

Botfactory.io is designed to support clouds for a range of business sizes, providing visibility into cloud infrastructure, and DivvyCloud’s Bots, which use “if – then” automation based on best practices and user-defined policies.

The DivvyCloud Bot “army” can detect and remove non-compliant security rules, eliminate orphan resources, limit instances to approved cloud regions, and enforce roper database encryption. It can also turn off dev/test instances at night, yielding potentially huge monthly savings, DivvyCloud says.

“BotFactory has been delivering great value to our enterprise customers like General Electric and Discovery Communications,” DivvyCloud CEO Brian Johnson said in a statement. “We are excited to enable broader adoption with our hosted BotFactory.io solution. Any customer of public cloud platforms can get value from BotFactory.io within a matter of minutes, no matter their skill level or cloud size.”

Along with its active user community, DivvyCloud expects new filters, actions, and integrations will continue to be developed to extend the capabilities of its Bots.

The service is available with different tiers for multiple cloud accounts, additional users, and broader cloud footprints.

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