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Microsoft data centers in Quincy, Washington
Microsoft data center campus in Quincy, Washington (Source: Microsoft video)

Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of September 30

For your weekend reading, here are this week’s most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge.

For your weekend reading, here are this week’s most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge:

Latest Microsoft Data Center Design Gets Close to Unity PUE - Innovation in data center design by cloud giants has widespread implications for their users as well as for the data center industry in general.

Interxion CFO Sees Silver Lining in Brexit - Who would have thought that a Brexit vote might actually contain a silver lining for Interxion Holdings?

New Player Enters Secondary Data Center Markets With Modular Design - Chattanooga is one of many cities around the US with plenty of demand but relatively few data center providers to choose from. Serving these so-called secondary data center markets has become the core business strategy for a number of companies, including some that were formed just recently to tackle the opportunity.

Taking Data to the Edge: CDN’s Role Grows in the Data Center - What we’re seeing is a rapid growth in data utilization and the need to consume this data efficiently. The challenge becomes doing all of this as efficiently as possible while containing costs. Many experts will agree: this is one of the prime reasons we’re seeing a huge boom in CDN platforms.

When Selecting a Data Center Provider, Keep an Eye on the Edge - As your business and user base become more distributed, there’s a lot more data to keep an eye on. You need to deploy technologies that can keep pace with today’s digital demands. This means working with the right kind of data center partners, service providers who can keep up with your business.

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