ZENEDGE Launches Single IP Protection at HostingCon

ZENEDGE Launches Single IP Protection at HostingCon

Brought to You by The WHIR

Brought to You by The WHIR

ZENEDGE launched Single IP Protection to general availability on Tuesday at HostingCon to provide enterprise-class network DDoS mitigation to organizations with smaller networks.

Network DDoS mitigation traditionally requires Border Gateway Protocol for routing decisions, which means they only work on networks with a minimum class C subnet including 254 usable and 256 total IP addresses, according to the company.

With the new offering, ZENEDGE assigns clients a DDoS-protected IP address range from its IP pool. It establishes a GRE tunnel to route traffic between the companies servers and the ZENEDGE protected IP network, and then directs new traffic through ZENEDGE via a DNS change.

“ZENEDGE serves many gaming companies, SaaS providers and organizations who are hosting their solutions in a colocated data center or in the cloud,” Leon Kuperman, CTO of ZENEDGE said in a statement. “While these organizations operate smaller networks and don’t control their routers, they are nevertheless consistently targeted with volumetric DDoS attacks.”

The company says gaming companies and others using proprietary protocols, UDP, VPN, or non-standard TCP ports.

With network layer DDoS attacks costing up to $40,000 per hour according to a 2015 report, the solvency of smaller organizations without protection could be at risk.

ZENEDGE received $4 million in a Series B funding round late last year.

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